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Useful Skills for Starting School

To ensure that your child has a successful and enjoyable start to school, we recommend that you spend some time helping them to develop skills that they will need to complete independently when they are at school.

Self Help Skills:

  • Wash their hands;
  • Take jumpers on and off;
  • Tie shoes laces;
  • Remove and replace shoes and socks; and
  • Open and close drink bottles and lunch boxes that you intend to send with them.

Social Skills:

  • Sharing;
  • Playing cooperatively;
  • Tidying up; and
  • Follow simple directions.

Academic skills:

  • Use scissors;
  • Draw a picture;
  • Listen to a story;
  • Recognise their first name;
  • Show interest in letters and numbers; and
  • Count to 10.

For detailed information on preparing your child for Kindergarten download the documents below.

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