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Aboriginal Education with Aunty Delta

Aunty Delta came to visit the Kindergarten jarjum mirr (children). She told us Dreaming stories about how Wollumbin (Mt Warning) and Nuthungulli (Julian Rocks) were formed. We learned about the Torres Strait Islander Flag and the Aboriginal Flag and what the colours represent. Aunty Delta taught us lots of language, like the names of animals and how to greet one another including:

Jingi Walla Widja - Hello, how are you?
Bugal ngay gulla - I am good
bugulwan - thank you
Ningen na - become quiet
yoway - yes
yagam - no
margul - lizard
jalum - fish
miwing - eagle
wadjung - dolphin
gabul - carpet snake
Walgun - Cape Byron area

The jurjum mirr had a wonderful time outdoors, learning from Aunty Delta about country and our local history. Thanks Aunty!