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Student Letterbox Communication

Explicit Expectations:

  • Display the poster for the Student Letterbox Communication (on the reverse of this page).
  • Explain the purpose of the letterbox—that we use this to communicate with our class and teacher.
  • When we read the notes in our letterbox, this is a safe place for us to share our thoughts and feelings and we need to be responsible, respectful and fair with how we react to how classmates are feeling. 
  • Teachers are expected to open the letterbox with the class once a week and read with the class any notes that have been placed in there. 
  • If a student places a star * on their note, this indicates to the teacher that a student would like you to discuss what is on the note with them in private. Therefore, students must also put their name on these notes. 
  • Students can write their notes anonymously and the teacher can facilitate discussion about the message conveyed on the note. 
  • Students are encouraged to use the letterbox when they feel the need. 
  • Younger students can ask for help from older students.